Wintergatan Marble Machine


Marble Machine is both the name of this marvelous contraption, a Rube Goldberg machine if you like, that is a band more than an instrument and the song as well.

Fig.1. It was either this or the total world domination

The hand powered instruments that the machine includes a vibraphone, a few percussion pieces, and a bass guitar, which is played by the machine and the instrumentalist at the same time.

The sound is created by marbles falling on instruments-and occasionally on the floor, as the player cranks the machine.

The machine plays a track that is previously recorded on some Lego Technic pieces that regulate the falling times of the marbles along with manual option, obviously.

Fig.2. Marvell with a “b”. And an “l” less. And an “e” on… oh it’s “marble”

You can listen to the song along with the machine’s own background noise in the video.

If previous video created some questions that would prevent you sleeping tonight you can refer to the videos below to understand how it works.

How it works pt. 1:

How it works pt. 2:

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